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How to Describe Pain Accurately to Your Doctor

September 23, 2021
By Paingone

Being in pain and being able to express how it feels are two different things. Many people with chronic pain struggle with being heard by the doctors, partly because they…

Topical Lidocaine Treatment Recalled by Manufacturer

September 20, 2021
By Paingone

Topical lidocaine lotions and sprays can provide temporary pain relief, but a recent recall by Teligent Pharma highlights the potential dangers of lidocaine solutions. The company has voluntarily recalled their…

September is Pain Awareness Month

September 9, 2021
By Paingone

In 2001, Pain Awareness Month was established to emphasize the impact of acute and chronic pain on individuals and families. The month is set aside to focus on the devastating…

PRP Injections Bring Joint Pain Relief in Clinical Study

September 3, 2021
By Paingone

A study at Baylor University in Texas indicates that injecting PRP (leukocyte rich/platelet-rich plasma, a blood derivative) just once into a joint affected by osteoarthritis can bring significant pain relief…

Natures Sounds Are Healing As Well as Soothing

August 26, 2021
By Paingone

People have long known that listening to the natural world can soothe the soul and ease anxiety, but according to recent research, regularly listening to sounds such as ocean waves…

Skills Classes Improve Pain Treatment Outcomes After One Session

August 19, 2021
By Paingone

The NIH’s and National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health’s recent study reveals that for many patients, a two-hour class focusing on pain management techniques is as beneficial as eight…

Why Long Covid Patients Suffer Chronic Pain

August 12, 2021
By Paingone

Patients around the globe who have recovered from acute Covid-19 are discovering their suffering isn’t over. Many turn to their doctors for relief from chronic pain, including muscle and joint…

Digital Treatment Options for Joint Pain/Osteoarthritis Show Greater Effectiveness Than Traditional Care Approach

August 6, 2021
By Paingone

In a recent issue of JAMA Network Open, research outlines the effectiveness of treating joint pain through a digital healthcare approach. A digital approach not only improves pain relief outcomes…

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